Data Migration-as-a-Service

"Having delivered hundreds of successful data migration projects, Constor Solutions understands that there is not just one singular migration approach."

Finding The Right Migration Approach

Our team of migration consultants perform a comprehensive analysis of the applications and data sets to be migrated and works with you to define a set of migration processes that meet these specific requirements. Just as in designing your storage infrastructure itself, no one data migration plan, product or tool is the answer to all your requirements.

We maintain proficiency with a range of migration tools, including:

Planning A Data Migration?

Read our technical blog series in which we will discuss how to appropriately prepare for and execute a data migration plan/project:

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How Our CirrusData Approach Works

Data Migration Use Cases

There are several key use cases for data migration planning and services that driving all the buzz around our Cirrus based service:

Research Content Available

DMS Brochure

DMS Brochure

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