Cloud Computing

Providing Comprehensive Cloud Computing across Public,
Private and Hybrid Solutions.

IT has always been about using resources (compute, memory, network, and storage) to run applications and deliver them to end-users. It's still the same in a Cloud-based model - the resources are just pooled together, giving IT the ability to offer services in a flexible, elastic, and scalable fashion.


In moving to a Cloud model, two things change. First, the speed and agility with which IT can provision new services for their users increases dramatically. Second, the ability to provide IT services in a subscription model, where end-users are only paying for the resources they're actually using.

The path from traditional IT infrastructure to a Cloud-based one can appear difficult or even frightening at first glance. ConstorSolutions' experience and expertise provides cost-effective guidance and services for your organization. We can plan and implement gradual migrations from Private Cloud, to Hybrid Cloud, to Public Cloud or complete migrations to Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) using a provable Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) model.

Virtual Data Center Services

100% Operating Expenditure (OpEx) Cloud Production Services

Virtual Data Centers (VDC) are purpose-built for organizations looking to get out of the business of maintaining their own IT infrastructure and who need a Hybrid Cloud transition strategy. ConstorSolutions' expertise in cloud virtualization offers flexible delivery service models, such as shared and dedicated hosting.

Hybrid Cloud Services

Mixed Local and Cloud Production Services, Bursting

Constor Solutions Cloud Infrastructure Services is a leading Co-Location (CoLo) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provider with a secure, compliant cloud environment that assures you the performance, privacy, and regulatory compliance you and your customers demand. You can add services such as disaster recovery and cloud-enabled applications for additional flexibility and resilience.

Cloud Recovery Services

Capital Expenditure (CapEx) Data Centers with OpEx Cloud Recovery

Constor Solutions Availability Services (AS) is uniquely able to provide integrated IT solutions that help your business-critical applications stay up and running with Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solutions. To achieve maximum availability for your critical applications, you need the right infrastructure, connectivity, processing power, memory, and capacity for your business continuity services.

Private Cloud Services

100% CapEx Data Centers with Private Cloud Recovery

Constor Cloud Builder Services designs, builds, and expands Private Cloud solutions leveraging high-performance computing and networking solutions or distributed hyperconverged infrastructure. Constor Solutions is providing campus-wide 10 Gb and 100 Gb network upgrade designs with local and cloud storage for enhanced collaboration in genetics research for many private and government institutions. Constor Solutions brings together project management, design, installation, and capacity planning to help our customers implement their own cloud services.