Storage Solutions
Designing Storage Efficiency and Performance.

Storage Solutions At-a-Glance:

  • Today's media-rich business environments require secure, agile, and accessible data storage environments. Constor offers a complete range of products and solutions, from planning, through backup and recovery, to future growth scaling.

  • The Constor storage analysis tools uniquely assesses your current framework for inefficiencies and flaws. Our experts then incorporate advanced technologies to provide best-in-class solutions.


Some of these include:

  • Thin provisioning
  • Storage virtualisation
  • Automated storage tiering
  • Effective, dynamic data storage requires tools and resources to achieve success and maintain your company's competitive edge. Whether it's design strategy and advanced implementation or basic data protection/recovery, Constor leverages platform-, software-, and subscription-based services to fit your needs.
  • Industry-leading storage professionals, skilled in best practices, offer a combination of consultation and expert advice, to help you design the right storage architecture as well as anticipate and prepare for future data capacity.

As the trend toward more efficient data centres continues, companies have come to understand the value of doing more with less. The same is true of data storage today. By leveraging the latest storage technologies, Constor can reduce costs, enhance computing performance, and create the best solution to fit your needs. The finely-tuned design of your storage infrastructure is key to your data's reliability. You should depend on nothing less than flawless data availability, protection, and recovery. Constor is a dependable storage partner who can offer:

The Right Partner for Your Storage Infrastructure Strategy With Constor as your partner, you can access the tools and resources to:

  • Virtualised storage infrastructure design
  • Help understand current storage resources
  • Strategize storage consolidation
  • Plan for HA and data back-up and recovery
  • Determine how to cost-effectively scale for future growth