We Specialise Enterprise Networking Solutions.

The costs associated with supporting an enterprise network infrastructure constitute a substantial portion of many IT budgets. But network inefficiencies can hamper even the most robust data centre build-outs. Constor networking experts can assess network performance by evaluating current LAN, WAN and SAN configurations, identifying potential bottlenecks, and looking for areas that would benefit from the latest networking innovations.

Our team of experts provides clients with sophisticated and well-architected data networking solutions that allow maximised network availability and efficiency while controlling the total cost of ownership.



The Constor approach is comprehensive and includes planning, implementation, and post-migration support for your network. Our solutions are customised and tailored to address the specific needs of your distributed computing environment.


Our Network tools are specially designed to accurately benchmark the current state of your company's technology infrastructure. This unique method, based on over 600 weighted characteristics, gives our consultants a unique capability for optimising your network infrastructure.


Whether it be WAN or LAN, wired or wireless, we are ready to help you implement new network technology smoothly and efficiently. See also: Networking Solutions.

Constor for Your Enterprise Networking Needs

Let our Constor team work with you to identify data centre and network synergies and ensure that IT system performance is not hampered by slow or inefficient network resources.