About Us
Constor has focused on helping its clients to optimise the cost and manage the risk of their IT, while improving their performance. In today’s economy, the emphasis on cost optimisation is greater than ever.


We offer Infrastructure Solutions, Consulting services and products from all leading IT infrastructure manufacturers. We bring years of experience and a wide knowledge of pragmatic best practices to our clients, who are a cross-section of complex organisations across all industries.

All this is delivered through a proven methodology for helping CIOs and other IT executives determine which areas of their IT hold the biggest opportunities for impactful spend Optimisation in the short, medium and/or long term.

Wiring our clients success

For the past few years we have helped customers by delivering the just-in-time technologies that make their cutting-edge ideas possible. As a result, we have solved some of the most complex data centre, high-performance infrastructure networking, and high-volume and storage challenges.

Let us share our insights, industry expertise and honest opinions with you. We’ll connect you with our strong network of clients who have likely faced challenges similar to yours. Working together, we’ll find the IT solutions that support your business objectives.


The Constor Difference

With Constor you get the products that best suits your requirements along with the most cost-effective solutions that  will align best with your business needs. We’re brand agnostic, which means our only alliance is to you and your business. You only get what we know will work. Before we recommend solutions, we listen to your requirements, and understand near- and long-term goals and technology preferences.We get you complete IT system solutions you need now, but at the same time ensure you flexibility to sustain future growth.

We are a one-stop IT solutions provider shop.

With Constor you get a team whose technical and business acumen is world class and second to none in the industry. We are technology solution experts with a passion for new technologies that you can bounce ideas off of and get a straight response. We encourage honest and open discussions and believe that this is what leads to the best optimised solutions.

Contact us to discuss a customized solution.


Company Philosophy

Our first principle is to invest the time necessary to get to know our customers and understand their needs. Next we design and deliver solutions that meet those needs, and then unfailingly stand behind our work.

We realize that our customers often have conflicting goals. With their IT initiatives, they need to:

  • Strive for dependability without abandoning innovation.
  • Improve the network without increasing its complexity.
  • Watch the technology industry for new products and relevant developments without taking their eyes off their infrastructures.
  • Do more with fewer people and a smaller budget.

We know because we’ve been there. Most of Constor’s team has previous experience in senior enterprise IT positions. We leverage that experience to solve your biggest challenges and meet your most critical needs. By partnering with Constor, you can be assured that your IT solution will:

  • Match the most innovative and cost-effective products to your specific needs
  • Include components that are competitively priced and properly integrated
  • Be woven smoothly into the overall fabric of your network infrastructure
  • Be fully supported by the Constor’s Solutions team

After we complete your implementation, we continue to scan the technology horizon for new product or other developments relevant to you and your business. When we see a new product or other development that we believe could be beneficial to you, we’ll proactively alert you to it. It’s the antithesis of cookie-cutter IT consulting.

That’s our simple, three-part model. Assess your needs, execute the plan, and optimize the solution for maximum impact, results and ROI.